This Years Garden

The long awaited garden photos of 2013 near Willow Springs. I posted these photos on Marideth’s blog so please click the link to have a look at them. Enjoy!

my life and times

This year has found a new garden space and Marideth & Sarah gardening in the dirt. Long time fans of raised beds but quickly running out of time to plant, we resorted to old fashion rows right on the ground. Everything is just a tad behind the neighbors but there will be a harvest. It’s not as purty as last year but we are going to eat well this fall and winter!

There are also three rows of potatoes, a dozen eggplants, 2 dozen various peppers (loaded!), and some summer squash, sweet potatoes, okra and a smattering of green beans. Sarah will plant a mess of green beans to can and a few other odds and ends.

Fall crop plans include, brocolli, beets, various greens, and some cabbage. At least, and hopefully!

Thank you Sarah for taking the pictures. Take a look at her blog once in a while

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