The First Winter Storm

This first and very early winter storm in the Ozarks struck us hard and fast. Yes we knew it was coming, no I did not know I was needed at Moonmooring. Until the last minute. I had my suspicions but was hoping for the best.

My renter is in the process of moving so her whereabouts fluctuate. I found that the house would be empty and unheated for the impending storm. Wood heat the main source – propane wall heaters the backup – the pilots not lit and very difficult to do. Have you noticed me whining yet? I am. I did. I’m sure I will again. Time was running out. Off to Moonmooring I went to brave the storm and keep the home fires burning.

What I thought would be two or three days ended up being six full days. I had a wonderful time. The snow fall was beautiful and the solitude was healing.


Between Viola, Arkansas and Moody, Missouri yesterday morning. Freezing fog.

Thirteen inches of ice and snow!

Early morning sunshine

Early morning sunshine

Chilled flamingo

Chilled flamingo

icicle light

icicle light

Snowy yard

Snowy yard

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One Response to The First Winter Storm

  1. Bebe says:

    AHHHHH….me too. Hoping to get out this afternoon. BEAUTIFUL sun a shinin’……Cheers, Bebe

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