Roxanne – a long lost step daughter

January 2, 2014

Roxanne and Addie

Roxanne and Addie

Today found Roxanne, Addie and me spending a day together working, looking through old photos and rekindling a long sparse relationship. Sixteen years of mostly absent space between us, we quickly found ease and comfort with each other. Hugging, joking, sharing tears.

Her father and she lived with me at Moonmooring for five years before he died in my arms in the living room, the children at our side, of bone cancer. Circumstances dictated she not be able to stay with me, the only mother she had known. There is a huge story here but not one I am willing to go into today.

This is a huge page in my Book of 2014.

Michael and Roxanne

Michael and Roxanne – 97 or 98

signature, Sarah

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2 Responses to Roxanne – a long lost step daughter

  1. eb says:

    nice memories…Tell Roxanne we still love her…

  2. S says:

    She will be tickled to hear that Mom.

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