Health Issues

I’ve been a little dizzy lately. You may think me dizzy much of the time in spite of my hair color – but this is a new kinda dizz. And that is quite enough in the off color remarks for me on the topic.

We, meaning me and the doctor and family and loved ones of course, are hoping that the varying doses of meclizine and a bit of Mucinex will clear it right up. It’s been just over 48 hours and I am still a dizzy person. Oh sure it has changed, evolving from positional and puke yer toenails up dizzy to persistant just off balance watch every step dizzy.

The second kind of dizzy is preferable. I think. This has been really annoying and has caused much teeth gnashing. If you know me well then you know what all might be included in “teeth gnashing”. Short of having a full fledged tantrum. I have been quiet, cried, slept a lot, and been a bit of a bear to be around. I love the fact that my loved ones love me.

Now lets seguay into the plural part of health issue. Seems the ole ticker ain’t what it used to be. Too fast – or in medical lingo tachycardia. Yep. They have drugs for this. I am taking said drugs. My heartrate is still tachy part of the time. I have been assured that it will improve. In the meantime I am tachy – but some of you know that already. I mean really,  have you ever noticed the socks I wear? Or don’t wear. With sandals, in the winter.

So mainly what I am saying here is this – I have maybe been evasive, contrary, secretive, less than present of late. This is why. No excuses, just fact.

Ya’all have a great day and please- remember – nothing stays the same forever. Enjoy every moment,


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10 Responses to Health Issues

  1. Bebe says:

    Love and All Positive thoughts to you Dear Sarah.

  2. Marcy W. says:

    Sarah, you get to be secretive, contrary, not present … whenever you want or need to be. Two health issues at once is definitely cause. The dizziness I can so sympathize with; I’ve had several episodes of vertigo over the years; time cured it, but it took six to eight weeks each time, and I was all those things and more. The heart issue: as you know, Gene dealt with that for years, and the meds worked just fine, after an initial adjustment period, of course. You will, too … and clearly, as has been soooo true this winter, patience is the watchword. Not great news, but better than it could be …. and you will have huge numbers of people thinking/praying/loving you — let them/us! All will be well. 🙂

  3. Lois Reborne says:

    What a freakin drag! So just asking – have you gone on the Arkansas insurance marketplace to apply for Obamacare? They expanded medicaid by buying those between 100% – 138% of poverty all private policies on the Marketplace. No cost to you. Te legislature is screwing around with it BUT it looks like they are authorizing another year. If you make better than %138 you’ll qualify fr great subsidy and tax credit.You must do this by March 15! Enrollment closes then until next October.
    Hope you feel much better today and every day.

  4. Debbie Jolly says:

    Sarah, of course YOU can be tachy and pull it off with your sense of humor! Please take care of yourself. Looking forward to us hopefully having another visit……..Grateful you have Gene with you. Spring will be here in a blink of eye…….I’m counting on it!

    • S says:

      Spring is here Debbie! I planted peas today! Wore me out but it’s done. I feel a little better wvery day. And yes we will.

  5. Gene Weinbeck says:

    Hey, Babe, you can be as tachy as you need to be with me. Besides, I like the color of your socks AND your hair. 🙂

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