A Sunday Drive

Sunday drives are going the way of a rotary phone – nearly nonexistent. When I was a kid we would often go for a Sunday afternoon drive, stop at the local ice cream drive in and have an ice cream sunday with whipped cream, nuts and a cherry. Time constraints and gas prices have all but put a stop to the activity for most people.

This past weekend found Gene and myself going for a spontaneous Sunday drive to explore a couple places that have caught our eye as we passed by. We made the circuit from Moonmooring to Bexar and across to Highway 9 to Oxford and Brockwell then all the way to the big city of Batesville for a near missed dinner at the local Japanese steak house. One expects more from a college town than chains and mediocre Japanese food but that is all our search turned up. It was well prepared and filling. Most places were closed on Sunday evening. Batesville, home of Lyon College – the second oldest college in Arkansas is in turn home to the Arkansas Scottish Festival and certainly a great spring destination.

A few photos from our dirt road travels.


wild poppies


spent clover


A classic single pen log house with a shed add on in back. Between Bexar and Oxford on Union Road / Highway 18.

Near Greasy Creek

Near Greasy Creek


oxeye daisy

Sprawling oak

Sprawling oak

The spiderwort is blooming today  but I couldn't seem to get a clear shot of it.

The spiderwort is blooming today but I couldn’t seem to get a clear shot of it.

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6 Responses to A Sunday Drive

  1. Bebe says:

    I remember a cafeteria, tho not it’s name, in Pine Bluff which had the BEST macaroni and cheese.. Always on Sunday !!

  2. Eileen Wetherall says:

    Great photos Sarah and trips down memory lanes… maybe we should leave the cars at home and go back to horse drawn carts?!

  3. Georgina says:

    I’m always up for countryside Sunday driving! Here in Auckland it’s mild all year and only a few peeps of Spring at the moment. But getting out, seeing wide vistas and taking my littlies for ice cream sundaes… I like seeing your views and autumnal hues.

    • S says:

      It is fun to see another person’s view of the world. And Auckland is part of Australia I believe…? I have a fondness for Australia even though I have never been there. Thanks so much for looking in!

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