Hoar Frost – Irrational Weather In The Ozarks


P1110837The recent polar vortex has passed on. It left behind definitive crisp gardens and house plants in for the winter. All that after a balmy start to November – temps in the teens for several days challenged fall yard cleanup tasks.

I had lived at Moonmooring for nearly thirty years before spotting hoar frost the first time. It was early one morning and I was doing a final sweep of the big room upstairs for a Yoga gathering when I spied something amiss in the side yard. I gasped in horror as I saw what appeared to be dozens of pieces of plastic bags blown in by the wind and caught on some scrubby unchecked weeds. Frantically trying to figure out if there was time before guests arrived to do the indoor tasks and add to that what would be a tedious process of picking up all the apparently loose plastic, I couldn’t find the time. So I closed the drapes on an otherwise beautiful sunny day.

It was the first hard quick frost of the season and I had never seen hoar frost before.

Guests arrived and the conversation turned to the weather. Someone mentioned having seen some hoar frost on their trek. What!? What is this hoar frost you speak? As they explained I realized the rare beauty of what had grown in my yard overnight. A bit of a rarity this hoar frost. I did not get any photos that year.

Several days ago we woke to some serious frigidness – and hundreds of hoar frost flowers in the same area of the yard. Hundreds! Some of them as tall as three feet. Got some pics this time around!

A frost guide.

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2 Responses to Hoar Frost – Irrational Weather In The Ozarks

  1. Bebe says:

    YES….Frost Flowers….have many here.

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