another Breakfast Of Champions

We are making some dietary changes at Moonmooring. I have been learning about healthy fats versus unhealthy fats. Some of this new – to me anyway – info contradicts what many of us have learned in the past about fats, carbs and what really happens when you eat these things. Long story short we are eating more animal fats and coconut oils, and will be cooking with less olive oil, saving it for salad dressings and such. And eliminating all vegetable oils from our diet. That said…

Fried potatoes and squash, scrambled with radish greens and chives, sliced tomato and sprouted grain toast

Fried potatoes and squash, scrambled with radish greens and chives, sliced tomato and sprouted grain toast

I fried two small potatoes and a baby yellow squash in homemade lard – thank you Janet and Stacy, and added a small onion sliced thick, sprinkled liberally with black pepper and some salt. So good!

There were a few unidentified long white radishes in the garden with beautiful greens on top. Apparently they are edible, who knew! I slivered the radish tops and gave them a quick saute in some hot coconut oil, then added four beaten eggs and a handful of chopped fresh chives. You could top this with a little shredded cheese if you want dairy in the meal.

The toast was buttered with coconut oil which makes a really fine spread. I am finding out it can be used a lot of ways instead of unhealthy vegetable oils in cooking and baking. Try it in brownies. It smells marvelous.

Finally big thick slabs of juicy tomatos sprinkled lightly with salt added a bright splash to the plate and a delicious hearty breakfast fit for a king was served up.

This meal kept us comfortably full almost all day long. Major score.

The two books I am reading are Deep Nutrition by Catherine Shananhan, MD and Fat An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient... by Jennifer McLagan. Both well worth the read.


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2 Responses to another Breakfast Of Champions

  1. Bebe says:

    have been using coconut oil exclusively for a while….cholesterol, etc. best in 25 years….am thinking that has lots to do with it.

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