Community Scholars Visit Jefferson City

Integrating the Missouri Folklore Society Annual Meeting with a Missouri Folk Arts Program Community Scholars Workshop in Jefferson City brought about a dozen participants together for three full days of discussion, field trips and presentations.

MFAP Community Scholars focused on workshops which included an intro to blogging about our own projects, How To Tell A Story and grant writing. A morning long field trip visiting quilter Patti Tappel and blacksmith Bernard Tappel left each of us wanting even more time with them.

The Missouri Folklore Society sessions were as varied as the spring flowers after a rain and just as diverse. I am constantly in amazement at the subject matter that falls into the heading of folklore – some of what I attended included the making of corn dollies, Legends in Film and Media, cattle, hog and turkey drives, the sub-culture and ritual surrounding the rave community, several dance and food ways sessions and I was only able to see less than half of what was offered.

Patti gave a tour of her dozens of working sewing machines and a quilt turning.

Tiny two inch quilt squares that get framed and used as pendants.

A display of the tiny quilt squares Patti creates to be used as jewelry.

A display of the tiny quilt squares Patti creates to be used as jewelry.

I was so amazed and taken with Bernie’s blacksmith shop I barely got photos. I wanted to learn how to use all his tools and puff up the bellows on the stove! He made the work of creating an iron tool in mere minutes look so easy.

Everything in the Tappel home spoke of a bygone era – one Barnard and Patti live and create.

The fireplace mantel.

The fireplace mantel.

Some of the fine canned goods the Tappels make in their kitchen.

Some of the fine canned goods the Tappels make in their kitchen.

A few of the dozen community scholars participating in this venture.

This post has been a long time in the making – so many photos to sort through and so many ideas to hone down. I came away from the trip with an overwhelming amount of new information, leads, tasks to follow up on and ideas to spin off towards. It was busy and hectic as any conference will be but we still had time to connect with far flung people from around the state interested in diverse topics of folklore.

It was great seeing you all, meeting new people and I look forward to next time! Thank you Lisa Higgins for making so much of this happen.

Me, heading home

Now it’s time to head home.

signature, Sarah

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