Not Much Happening

I bet this post gets a bumper crop of looks with a title like that – “Not Much Happening“, and she writes a blog post about it. Ha!

It’s been cold. There was ice. There was snow. Now it’s balmy and damp.

Ah ha! Today does have news after all (I just remembered.) Today Gene burned a huge brush pile, buried the coals with dirt, now pyrolysis is doing its job and with a little bit of luck there will be biochar! Woo hOo! If you don’t know about biochar you really must check it out. I will put a layer of char in the garden beds and some on the Hugelkultur and if there is enough then the rest will be placed in a small cornfield.

Cornfield you say?! Yes there will be a small patch of corn this year. I have never grown corn before and am really excited about this. We have chosen Bodacious and Peaches and Cream. We’ll stagger the plant dates so they don’t cross pollinate and get two flushes of  great sweet corns. I’m planning on eating fresh corn till I pop then freezing the rest.


Ghostly alien babes asleep under the canopy of squash leaves.

Sitting on the sofa awaiting the adoptive parents to come and pick up.

Sitting on the sofa awaiting the adoptive parents to come and pick up.

Remember the Cushaws from Marideth’s garden a few years ago? The giant man eating squash? The ones we named? And adopted out!? Well I am going to plant some of those babies out on the south forty (so to speak). They are sooo delicious fresh. So sweet and melt in your mouth dripping with honey good. A pat of butter and a spoon. And nothing beats a Cushaw steak. You can bet I will be writing more about them as they grow and will include some recipes.

You may suspect (and if so you are correct) that the seed catalogs have come in. Yippeee! At least a dozen have arrived in the mail recently and they are so beautiful and fun. They are already dog-earred. Earlier this evening I spent some serious time carefully nailing down which varieties I for sure want and which items to order from a few of the catalogs.

Then I discovered a big faux paux in the nifty chart I had laid out with my varieties, catalog name, page numbers etc., etc., etc. Had to trash it and start over so it’s not quite complete but it will be tomorrow. You bet’cha. Channeling Sarah there for a minute.


We had guests a couple days ago. That doesn’t happen too often here at Moonmooring. An old high school classmate and fellow band mate (we two the best saxophone players to ever grace Kingman High School Jazz Band) stopped by on his way home from visiting folks in Texas and we had a mighty fine visit him and the family and shared a big bowl of stew and biscuits.

Gene brought to my attention afterwards that Troy made mention, more than once mind you, of all the vegetables in the stew. I smiled and said yea sure we eat a LOT of veggies. Noting to myself that I had kept it simple and included nothing too untoward. Onions and celery. Potatoes and carrots. Green beans and corn. Surely that isn’t too exotic for anyone. Ok so there was a handful of astragalus because it’s like winter you know and…health. But I didn’t say a word about the astragalus. Nope.

So anyway, Gene, he says to me, “I think Troy might have been expecting a little more meat in the stew Sarah.” And I reply with “OH that’s what that sure is a lot of vegetables in the stew was all about!” Troy if you are reading this I sure hope you have a sense of humor 🙂

They were lucky it had any meat in it at all, being the near vegetarians we are here. Unlike the squirrel or rabbit the neighbors down the road would have stewed. Just joshing.

A few days ago I broke stride and used an actual recipe. I ran across this recipe, checked to see that I had all the ingredients and cooked it! I was going to follow it verbatim but it seemed to have a few problems. You can see the corrected version below. UPDATE: No you can’t see it below. I’m tired and want to finish this post. Maybe next time. I was delicious by the way.

So in spite of the fact that nothing much is happening quite a lot has been going on. I hope you are staying warm and staying dry!

signature, Sarah

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2 Responses to Not Much Happening

  1. Helen says:

    I hope you get a bountiful crop of sweetcorn 🙂

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