Mini Greenhouses

bio picI try not to get too wrapped up in too many holidays but do recognize the importance of ritualized celebrations and the social benefits of bonding with family and community through structured celebrations. My favorite holidays are the ones that recognize and celebrate the physical world around us.

Today is Imbolc (you can do a Google search and read about it if you wish). In years past I have traditionally planted peas on Valentines day. Once even in the snow! They did well in case you are wondering. But the weather has made some subtle shifts and it has overall been a warmer fall and winter. The three month forecast for this area is warmer than normal temperatures. We could still get snow but seeds are relatively inexpensive.

So, as a gamble, as an honor to Imbolc, the Gaelic festival marking the beginning of spring, I planted those peas today as a way to embrace this warming of the planet. I say work with what you have! We seem to be given warmer sometimes even hotter temperatures and making some shifts in your gardening plan will be rewarded.

A few years ago I took a garden gamble and planted a patch of bush beans at the end of March and we did not have a freeze and we did have early green beans! That was fun.

So I silently celebrated Imbolc, the spring-like day, and planted my Valentine peas, Tokyo longs (onions), a package of cilantro, a tiny patch of radish, and a three row bed of pak choy. The choy,  went under a mini hot house of clear plastic tub set in the dirt and held down by a brick in case of strong wind. Clear glass baking pans make perfect really mini green houses for small herbs and radishes.

I imagine that by the end of this month I will be eating some of that choy along with the rest of those goodies.

WARNING; Teaser photo! A summer tomato plate, yum!

WARNING; Teaser photo! A summer tomato plate, yum!

Bonnie appetite ya’all!

signature, Sarah



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