A Small Teak Box

Friends come and friends go and some of them remain your friend no matter the direction life takes each of you.

I never had friends when growing up, except for cousins who were always present at Christmas.  We moved so often that making friends didn’t seem worth the effort. I didn’t learn how to make friends until well into adulthood and it is still a challenge.

At the end of seventh grade a classmate said to me “Hey let’s be friends”. I was stunned as no one had ever suggested that before and I didn’t know for sure what it meant. Through Lynda’s efforts alone with me just kind of going with the flow we did become friends and remain friends to this day in spite of the fact we have grown along different paths, the physical distance and the long spells of not hearing from each other.

Carved teak from India, it's showing some wear!

Carved teak from India, it’s showing some wear!

My friend Lynda gifted me sometime in the early 70’s with this little wooden box, a note and a penny. I don’t remember if it was a birthday, Christmas or graduation. I don’t even remember if I exchanged a gift back to her as that too was a foreign idea.


I’ve hung on to that gift all these long years and somewhere along the way contributed a penny of my own to the box. Doubled our investment in the friendship.

Thank you Lynda for asking me to be your friend and continuing to be my friend. I look forward to the ongoing and rekindling friendship. And thank you to all the other people who claim me as friend and I you. I appreciate and love every single one of you and hope you each know who you are.

I turned sixty a few days ago and life is suddenly looking slightly different.


signature, Sarah

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4 Responses to A Small Teak Box

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sarah It was easy, you are a very special person I was always proud to call you my friend then as I am equally proud today! Lynda

    • S says:

      Thank you! And.. ahh shucks. When we get together we should celebrate with a burrito, a Marlboro and a Singapore Sling. No wait, I quit smoking.

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