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IMG_9260We’ve been busy! The garden is sailing right along and I’ve been blogging a lot and I have a couple photography gigs coming up. June is looking darn busy!

Part of what I finished today are a few new Pages on this blog.

One is a chronological outline of the Cushaw Saga. It will update you on the size of the plant group with photos, some recipes to use up those hundreds of pounds of deliciousness, and some Cushaw history originally documented on the blog of Marideth Sisco.

Another is the Leek experiment. I was really turned on to leeks last spring to find my source totally absent early this year. I am left with growing them myself as I did not order slips soon enough for spring planting. This page will chronicle the success or failure of my experience of growing leeks from seed and an attemp to create clones for this fall. I hope you check it out.

Most importantly I have begun a monthly comprehensive garden update. May’s update is quite long! I’d like to think they will be shorter from now on. Mostly I am doing this monthly post for my own benefit as the paper garden documentation has proven inconsistent.  I will let you know when to check in on these pages for an update on the update! Inbetween all that I will still post a few pictures and talk about what is happening out in the yard and garden.

Gene says howdy to everybody. He’d like to call his long t-shirts Ozark kilts. Think about that.

Elk loin stew - I believe my mother bagged this elk.

Elk loin stew – I believe my mother bagged this elk.

The freezer deep clean brought a package of elk loin stew meat to the top of the heap and we had this stew a couple nights ago. I browned the meat in lard, added a chopped onion, then a bottle of Shlafly Coffee Stout to simmer for about three hours. Then added a little celery, some potatoes and carrots and called it dinner. Some corn would have been a welcome addition. Squash cornbread rounded out the meal and a bowl of blueberries and yogurt completed it.

Bonnie appetite ya’all!

signature, Sarah

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