IMG_1351aOne year I put coriander instead of cilantro in a batch of salsa. I did not care for it at all. We did gradually get it all eaten in spite of the coriander. Don’t get me wrong I love both but they each have a time and a place.

After many years of little to no success with growing cilantro, one of my favorite herbs, this year was a boon. There were four big stands of it in the garden. Can you say overkill? I wasn’t about to go without this spring. Some of the cilantro grew to over three feet tall, then it all went to seed and began to dry in the hot summer sun.


The cilantro had turned into crisp twigs of drying coriander. It began to look as though someone had spray painted it with a glowing copper color. Having never seen such a mass of coriander before I was surprised to see this color. I couldn’t quite catch the vibrancy of it.


I snipped and snipped at the tall slightly prickly little twigs and barely made a dent in what the mature plant offered. Finally I took a guess and decided there was enough in my bucket to fill a small glass jar. It totalled one and a half ounces of cleaned coriander seeds.


If you look carefully there I am in the top of the picture, upside down.


After carefully picking all the minute stems out the dry seed fit perfectly in a pretty upcycled glass jar.


If you want to get fancy or give this as a gift the lid could be pained, decorated or even covered with a piece of dark muslin and tied with hemp twine. Add a tag and you will have one lovely hostess gift.


A more fancy label will not be found in my kitchen but I bet most of you have them. By all means use them! I also label the top of my jars because sometimes that is the direction I’m looking at the jars – straight down on them as they line up in a bin from the freezer. The freezer – that is where I keep all the spices I use less often than weekly. And remember to date everything.

Do freeze your homegrown and hand processed herbs and spices for a week or two before setting them out on the spice shelf. This will kill any stray critters that you might have overlooked. Yes critters are everywhere.


The secret night life of cilantro. It was misting and the solar lights reflected on the cilantro.


Masses of cilantro made many a bouquet. Do you love or hate cilantro? It’s one or the other. Do you have a favorite recipe using cilantro or coriander?

For a look at Gene’s version of kao dtom or Thai Rice soup click here.

Bonnie Appetite ya’all!

signature, Sarah

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3 Responses to Coriander

  1. Helen says:

    My coriander (cilantro) hasn’t done very well so I’m sad that there will be few seeds this year. Then again it might just work with this final planting. Great you got so many seeds, anyway!

    • S says:

      Thank you. Yes I love to use them in cooking and there will be plenty to plant come fall. It seems to hot for them to do well here in the summer.

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