Wrapping Up Summer – almost


The final Cushaw weighed in at seven pounds and ten. Much less than I had hoped for but way more than last year.

To see more about the Cushaw click here.


Breaded okra is one of our new favorites. I tried several methods before settling on this one. Wash,  dry and chop evenly. Dip in well beaten egg then in flour. Place on wire cooling racks to dry off slightly. Place the cooling rack on a cookie sheet and set in the freezer for a couple hours. When frozen solid remove pieces of okra from the rack to a zip lock bag, label and freeze. We fry 20 – 30 pieces per serving in a small narrow bottom pan with hot peanut oil then drain on paper towel. Salt and pepper and you’re good to go! Gene and I both like horseradish sauce as a condiment with most fried vegetables.


Great edamame harvest but short of what it can be by about half. We learned a lot and will plant somewhat differently next year.


‘Schrooms growing on the unfinished Hugelkultur after a few days of rain.


One of many daily harvest pictures; a small Cushaw, Japanese Black Trifele tomatoes, cucumbers, and a handful of okra.


We are particularly fond of the little patch of corn and the harvest from it. This is Bodacious and was it ever delicious!


Genovese basil ready for pesto making.


Another day’s “little bits”; Jimmy Nardelo, Marconi, and Jalapeno peppers, okra, Thai peppers in the little black bowl, Zebra tomatoes and a couple jars of dehydrated cucumbers. We are really enjoying the cucumbers this way!


The August overview is available here now. Check it out. Thanks for reading my blog!

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2 Responses to Wrapping Up Summer – almost

  1. Anonymous says:

    absolutly beautiful, don’t know how you guys have done so well and kept up with it all. You should see about trying to get some of you pics and info submitted to some of these magazines. Loved the flowers also. so nice…mom

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