Fall Garden Update

img_2041The weather has finally turned and it feels like fall or more officially Autumn. Leaves are crunching underfoot and trees are bare or shedding. Purportedly the last of the seventy degree days are now gone.  It is time to diligently watch the forecast for the first freeze.  Contrary to all this it has been balmy and calm with many pleasant hours for the hammock. I hear reports of crocus, lilacs, day lilies and other tender spring things budding out and in bloom. And the jonquils are breaking ground.

The garden is once again struggling to know whether it is warming to summer or cooling to winter. Most of the summer bugs have hunkered down and a few grasshoppers still lurk about, but the aphids and cabbage worms are in full swing. I may break down and use some BT on the cole crops of which there are few left. Out of about one hundred seeds I started there are at best 20 remaining and some of those doing poorly.

Please click  this link for the full garden update posted Tuesday evening. Meanwhile  I spent the morning in the hammock listening to leaves crackling on the susurration and mid morning birds spread the word. The sky is cerulean, the trees rusty oranges and the air crisp but soft from the warming sun. Remember to walk the high road.


signature, Sarah

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice crop of peppers…eb

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