It Could Have Happened

What I am looking for is this;

notawolfMany years ago I was visiting Sasha and Mau (some of you know them) and there was a storytelling/reading. Mau read from a book – a short story about an Eskimo (I think) man and his telling of a fantastical tale of a wolf befriending him (or something like that). The important and memorable part was the final (?) line… “It could have happened”. Or something to that effect. Ever since then I have used that line when telling a tall tale or an exaggeration or sometimes even the truth as I remember it. Because memory changes and truth is elusive.

I remember the reading vividly but not the exact details of the story and I did not think to note the authors name. I stupidly assumed Mau would always be around to tell me the name of the book if I ever really wanted to know. But no, she is gone.

I do not remember who else was present that evening either.

I had brought a story to share but stuffed the paper into my back pocket at the last minute because a man, a neighboor, joined the group of women just then and the room’s dynamics changed. I felt invaded and put on the defense for some reason. I lied and said my story was forgotten and no I could not wing it. No.

Some of you have seen that sort of thing happen. I know you have.

I do not remember who else was there that evening. Were you? Do you know of the story I speak?

signature, Sarah

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