Rummaging Around the Garden

We had a warm spell over the last few days and I rummaged around the garden this morning to see what was happening. You may remember my noise about total fail of the fall garden. But as you can see there was enough to make a mighty fine stir fry for lunch.


Summer dreams

Summer dreams

I found a mess of pak choy about to go to seed from the too warm weather, a handful of radishes with nice greens on top, took a handful of parsnip tops, a bunch of baby kale, an onion, a leek, an immature shallot and a fistful of garlic chives along with several stems of cilantro. There was lettuce enough for taco salad but that will be for tomorrow.

I rinsed and dried all the leafy matter and chopped everything small to make an allium and greens stir fry. There was already cooked rice in the fridge and I opened a jar of chicken broth for a sauce.

To the 2 cups of broth I added a 1/2 cup water, 2 heaping tablespoons cornstarch, a pinch of brown sugar, turmeric, a splash of Braggs Liquid Aminos, a dollop of bean paste, some ginger, 1/2 tsp garlic powder, 2 heaping tablespoons of my Thai pepper sauce, and a few drops of sesame oil. It was stirred until bubbly then a small drizzle of fish sauce to top it off. Gene was busy shelling peanuts to top the whole mess with.


cucumber flowers

I heated a glug of peanut oil in a hot wok and threw in the alliums, kale and sliced radishes. Cooked that for one minute then added the remaining greens and cooked for one more minute only. The sauce was poured over it all and the heat was turned off.

We put the rice in flat bowls, divided the stir fry with sauce between the two of us and topped it with the cilantro, chopped peanuts and a squeeze of lime.

Ohmagosh! It was delish! So delish that I failed to take a photo. I am so sorry!! It was reallyreally good – you know that first greens of the spring kinda good.

I’m having a difficult time getting excited about the garden this year but have to keep reminding myself it isn’t even Valentines Day yet! Yes we have potatoes and peas in and yes there seems to be lettuce and a few little bits of this and that but it is EARLY still. So I will read seed catalogs a while longer and make more allium and greens stir fry while I wait for high summer.



signature, Sarah

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2 Responses to Rummaging Around the Garden

  1. Tauni Whitley says:

    YOU GO GIRL!! Isn’t Mother Nature amazing!!?
    Just when we think she doesn’t love us anymore … BOOM! “Here ya go! … Enjoy!”
    And CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I heard about the little “newbie” on the way!!
    Sometimes life is just soooo perfect!
    Happy Valentines Day to You and Gene!!

    • S says:

      Ahh thanks Tauni. Yes in June!! Another boy grandbaby it seems. Hugs to you and yours on this rainy snuggly stay close to the hearth kind of day.

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