A Birthdate Day

img_2512It all started with that long leisurely coffee kinda morning I love so much. It segued into a short drive to Chloride where we found ourselves climbing the impassable road to the murals of Roy Purcell on a big rock facing. It is rare that I make a trip to Arizona without a visit to the murals. We passed by a few people in 4 wheel drives and a lone jogger/walker who made the jaunt daily she said.



It was well worth the climb and Gene enjoyed sharing one of my favorite spots on the planet.

We had lunch back in Kingman at the small “The Taco Place” where I ordered a chili verde burritos and Gene had two tacos, one fish and one adobado. They make every single thing from scratch at this taco stand from the menudo to the rice pudding including the fillings, sauces and salsas, and even the corn and flour tortillas. The food was heavenly. Do not expect atmosphere. Unless you enjoy a cold stiff breeze in the shade on a chill February afternoon. After all it is designed with the idea of shielding diners from the summer sun. We might go back again today for more tacos and rice pudding.

We drove around marvelling at the massive growth like that of most desert towns on the main drag of the USA on I-40. Then past the home of my late childhood.

A late afternoon nap refreshed us and we went out with my sister (hi Pam!) for guess what!!? Wait for it… MORE Mexican food. And margaritas!! Yum!!


Brief visits with two of my three lovely nieces rounded the day out.

We brought home leftovers because you know, way too much food. Those leftovers will magically turn into tonight’s dinner. Which I WILL photograph before we eat it up.

A happy day indeed.



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1 Response to A Birthdate Day

  1. Anonymous says:

    sounds like a really nice day. Ps the snow melted, but there was more just north of us

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