April In The Garden

The narcissus started blooming a couple of days ago.

Every spring I get so excited watching things bud out and bloom, poke their little heads up out of the ground and bear leaves to eat that you might think it was the first spring I have ever experienced. Every year it’s the same.

We didn’t start anything from seed this year instead focusing on finalizing the garden beds and walkways in the “Cornfield” plot, bricking some pathways and dividing hundreds of bulbs.

I will soon get baby plants from our local grower at Crossroads Garden and transplant to bigger pots before putting them in the ground. It will be pretty standard fare again this year. Tomatoes, beans, squash, peppers. You know the drill – summer stuff.

My first successful carrots.

In the meantime we have been enjoying some lettuces, green onions, choy, kale, leeks, carrots, radishes and fresh herbs. We also had a great little harvest of parsnips for the first time ever. I found that covering parsnip seeds with a clear plastic tub (aka cloche) to keep in the moisture ensured they germinate faster. It only took about one week for them to sprout last fall and they overwintered well.

The obligatory pea photo. You know peas are my favorite thing to plant and talk about!

Some stray weeds, I mean delicate flowers, growing in a crevice.

These are the potato plants. They have quadrupled in size the last few weeks.

If you look close you can see the flowers about to bloom on the potatoes.

The “Cornfield” plot. Permanent raised beds this year and the dug out walkways are getting filled with sawdust for weed control.

What’s growing right now?, kohlrabi, kale, green and bulbing onions, garlic, leeks, chives, Brussels Sprouts (unless they bolt), beets, broccoli, English and snow peas, potatoes, radish, lettuce, pak choy, cilantro, fennel, parsley.

What’s come and gone?, parsnips, carrots, shallots and half the leeks.

What’s in the plan?, all those luscious traditional summer nightshades, squash, beans, okra, corn and perhaps a few sweet potatoes. Maybe some melons.

What does your summer garden plan include?



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2 Responses to April In The Garden

  1. Helen says:

    Brilliant news about the parsnips – I grew one (tiny) parsnip once 😉.

    I’m amazed at your potatoes. They wouldn’t be growing like that yet where I am.

    • S says:

      Don’t give up on the parsnips Helen! Fresh seed, well dug soil, cool’ish weather, and a cloche to get them to germinate quickly. Thank you for looking in. 🙂

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