A Basket Collection

I have discovered that of the dozens and dozens of baskets in my home only a few are of any real interest, and that I know very little about basketry. Many of mine are mass produced and from China. Nonetheless they are useful and beautiful. I have also discovered they all need a good dusting and a wash and even a few repairs. Here we have some of my favorites.

Decorative reclaimed wire basket by Kitty Chrysalis. She does beautiful work mostly in copper but also uses many other wires. Kitty is an Ozark basket maker currently living in Europe. Nearly twenty years ago I first saw one of Kitty’s baskets at the Yellow House in West Plains, MO. They were far too expensive for my budget at the time. Size – 8 1/2 X 7 X 3 inches tall.

I have a few white oak baskets collected over the years, the oldest being from 1980.

A full size laundry basket, there are two of these and they have been at hard labor for 47 years. Size – 20 X 16 inches tall.

The lamp shade on the left is also one of a pair. It was acquired the same year as the laundry basket. Size – 12 X 9 1/4 inches tall. Laundry basket and lamp shade were purchased at Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO. The flat coiled basket on the right was found at a yard sale some years ago. Size – 22 inches.


Large white oak basket. Size – 23 X 16 X 16 inches tall.

Two white oak berry baskets completed by Gene and myself at the Show-Me Folk School, Basketmaking workshop. Size – 9 X 13 X 9 inches tall.

Coiled basket. Size – 13 X 8 inches tall.

This gourd and pine needle basket was made by a native American woman named Lara and given to me. It is decorated with abalone chips. Size – 8 X 7 inches tall.

I acquired this basket from an aunt when she died some years ago. Size – 15 X 7 1/2 inches tall.

These three baskets are some of my favorites. They have done many jobs including trash receptacle, laundry hamper and misc. storage. I purchased them in 1974 in the produce section of a grocery store  in California for .50cents to $1.50 each. One of them originally had a lid but it became lost. Size – largest one is 12 X 20 inches tall.

Seemingly very old basket with a wooden bottom it is the perfect size and is used as a trash receptacle. Size – 11 X 11 1/2 inches tall.

The remainder of these baskets are mass produced (probably in China as so many are). They each have been used for many years.

Modern square basket. Size – 23 X 17 1/2 X 22 inches tall.

Purchased at Dauphin Island this basket appears to be made from grape or other vines. I like the rough texture. Size – 11 1/2 X 5 inches tall.

Another common mass produced basket. Size – 19 X 13 1/2 X 17 inches tall.

Large round shallow basket, mass produced. Size – 18 1/2 X 8 inches tall.


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4 Responses to A Basket Collection

  1. Mom says:

    And if someone asks, dad made your roadrunner….mom (ps I know you knew that, but I just wanted to mention it. Love ya)

  2. Mom says:

    By the way, nice baskets.

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