How I Became a Snake Handler – and finally a garden update

Baby Rat snake? Anyone?

I carried a snake in my hands today. Yep. First time. And then I screamed and did a little dance! It was startling to have that little thing squiggle out of my hands and the loose damp straw I was carrying to a big pot of marigolds. Me and snakes are not the best of friends. Never have been. But now I have carried one and lived to tell about it. One time snake handling was plenty.


I bet you are here for the garden update!?

Yesterday we up-potted dozens of flowers and herbs.

Last fall these leeks were merely wisps of green. Thank you Pat H for encouraging me to plant these. And for the wisps!

After cleaning these three leeks weighed in at just a pound. They were making baby leeks too. The variety is Giant Musselburgh. I replanted the baby slips.

One of the potato rows – planted on February 5 it was a gamble at best. We covered it with a lot of loose straw and a plastic tarp during freezing and snowy days.

A three foot bed of radish and pak choy. The radish will be out by the time the choy is full size.

The obligatory “pea” photo. Spring peas are my all time favorite. You might already know that.

Onions, choy and a patch of lettuce. Gone are the radish.

No broccoli heads yet but the plants are looking good! I covered them with row cover immediately after planting and have avoided cabbage worms.

Not much height from the Brussels Sprouts. A late start and wildly fluctuating temperatures have caused them to try to bolt. Not ready to give up yet! Small sprouts on the lower branches. If we can keep them alive through the summer they should make sprouts then. And I will start more seeds late summer.

The garlic is feeling somewhat rushed with all the high and low temps. It will probably come out of the ground early this year.

Cilantro has officially taken hold of this bed and reseeded itself quite successfully this year. This makes me happy!

Totally opposite nutritional requirements – many sources suggested planting beets among onions. So I did. Hopefully the beets will be ready long before the onions need another shot of nitrogen.

The Hugelkultur bed is about as ready as it is going to be. Soon we plant watermelons on it. This will be the first planting after a year and a half (?) of resting.

Overview of the Cornfield plot. We added the sides for raised beds and Gene is putting a thick layer of sawdust in the pathways. No mowing and little maintenance there!

Overview of the Kitchen Garden plot.

Notice those sleds if you will. Real handy for moving a lot of small potted plants. We can even drag them into the house if need be. Upcycle.

This visitor doesn’t move nearly as fast as some of the others!

With all the rain mushrooms just keep popping up all over the place. One more thing I do not attempt to identify.

At Gene’s insistence we planted some of these “things”. I got used to them. They do add a splash of color. Ok – they are pretty. There, I’ve said it.

We will have a few strawberries this year and I expect more this fall and next spring. Nothing like home grown!

How grows your garden?

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4 Responses to How I Became a Snake Handler – and finally a garden update

  1. Had fun reading this! thank you for sharing! follow me too?:)

  2. Bebe says:

    Oh what a JOY…..I remember saw dust paths…..and…..I would have screamed and done a little dance too !!!

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