Visiting Maranatha Farm

We find ourselves visiting Maranatha Farm near Rover, MO where friends Skip and Mary live and work. This is my first visit – a most peaceful and inspiring garden experience. Thirty years of heart-felt dedication and work by Mary and Skip have made Maranatha the showcase that it is.

Ever the worker, we meet up with Mary who is elbow deep in a wheelbarrow full of potting mixture and a mass of sweet potato starts all under the shade of a tremendous oak. A little direction from Mary and we set off on our self guided tour.

Maranatha has three distinct gardens – each flowing from one to the next – the Japanese Garden, the flower garden and the vegetable garden.

I choose to count four gardens though and call the spectacular garden gongs about the place a garden all their own. The huge gongs resonate gentle musical tones from nowhere and everywhere all at once and forever and add an element of tranquility to this visit.

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I particularly enjoy the Japanese Garden sitting area with its deep gentle wood bench, a clear view of the lantern, and the rich lulling gongs. There is a scent of damp earth, moss and cedar on this clear Ozark day. After a lengthy meditation I pull myself away from the spot in order to visit the rest of the garden.

Impeccably maintained wisteria past its bloom.

 Many quiet places to sit and take it all in.

The abundance of flowers creates lush and vibrant views.

My favorite flowers are the immense four foot tall poppies inside the greenhouse.

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Remember to check out the stand of timber bamboo. Skip and Mary use it for structural elements throughout the gardens.


Contact Information

RR 81 Box 119, Koshkonong, Mo. 65692.
Phone# (417) 764-3698


And from me to you… om…




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  1. catmum says:

    love this, thank you!

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