A Rain Update

… and other Miss Alanie

April saw approximately 16 inches of rain at Moonmooring. That’s a bit more than normal. Twelve of that was in the last ten days of April. In the last thirty-six hours we have had another 6.9 inches. There is standing water in the walkways and the raised beds in both garden areas and the ground is deeply spongy. It’s a good thing the grass is so thick! It seems all that is holding the ground in place.

I’ve never heard my waterfall roar like it is today. Nearly deafening out there.

It has rained seven more inches here at Moonmooring since yesterday morning. I wish there was a picture but the ground is so unstable down the hill.

I fear this much rain has washed all the nutrients from the soil. The weather report looks good through the weekend and even next week so we will make some compost tea and do a thorough foliar feed to everything and add some Azomite. The soil is so compacted the earthworms, which are in abundance, have got their work cut out for them.

We dug the garlic bed Sunday afternoon before it started raining again because they were ready. In fact they should have been dug some sooner as several were over mature but still edible. Our twelve foot buffet is lined with brown paper and garlic with a fan blowing nearby to encourage the drying process. The house smells heavenly! If you like garlic.

The potato plants are huge and flowering more hugely. If they don’t rot in the ground it should be a bumper crop and those too will line the floor on cardboard or paper in a store-room or the living room until dry. Still several more weeks to harvest if they last that long in the ground.

I feel fortunate to have so many leeks. Once again thank you Pat 🙂 They are now maturing to the point that they are creating baby leek slips that can be planted. So, dig a leek, plant a leek! Sometimes several even. What a way to garden! You may remember them to be Musselburgh. I have only been growing leeks for about a year now and this is some of the first of the Musselburgh harvests and they have begun to have baby leeks present when I dig them. Not knowing how they will fare over the spring and summer I am replanting every one as it appears. Who knows. Even if they are small it will be worth the time and space as that is small in comparison to many things.

Tonight we will dine on omelets with a saute of mushroom and leek topping. Gene came home with five dozen eggs as our local farmer, Joey, had a glut of fresh eggs. There will be plenty of eggs on the menu for a couple of weeks!

The cilantro is going to seed mainly because of the extremes in temperature. It will easily reseed though and provide us another crop soon. I discovered this recipe for Creamy Jalapeno Sauce and it is soooo delicious! Maybe I should see how it freezes before all the cilantro is gone. I am using frozen whole jalapenos from last fall.

We have had all the green onions one can eat and they are bulbing up nicely. We will need to get some more nitrogen on them as it has probably all washed out in the last couple weeks.

There is a good row of beets doing well. The experimental kohlrabis is fattening up nicely. What a fun plant to watch grow. We have never grown or eaten kohlrabi before so only planted a half-dozen from starts. If we like them you can bet there will be more next spring.

In the last week the broccoli has made heads three inches wide so broccoli soup soon!

We had pea sandwiches for lunch today. Yes. Pea sandwiches. Take about 4 ounces (a couple big handfuls) of fresh snow peas and rough chop then throw them into the food processor along with one or two green onions (tops and all), a few marinated artichokes (maybe a very small jar or to taste). Run the processor until it is in tiny bits. Turn out into a bowl and add a glob of mayo, some black pepper and a good dose of fresh dill weed. This is best if you can let it sit a few hours but it was delicious right away. Let the sky be the limit! Add what herbs or veggies you like. Raw. We have made it with the addition of radish, carrots and/or salad turnips. Any herbs that you like will work. Taste as you go so it doesn’t get out of hand. This we pile generously onto lightly toasted bread with a thin slice of Swiss cheese and a handful of sprouts. A bowl of home-made tomato soup canned last fall rounded out our lunch today.

I wish there were pictures to share with you! But the light has been so poor and I just cannot stand to give you any more of those flat pasty pics. And I do not have the time nor the inclination to work with lighting. Ugh. So stay high and dry and know that some people are begging for a bit of rain and some are begging for a bit of dry.

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5 Responses to A Rain Update

  1. We have gotten lots of rain too. I’m hoping my garden survives it. 😳😉

  2. Helen says:

    Seems like you’ve got everyone else’s rain as well 😉

    • S says:

      Unfortunatley there has been a lot of flooding in this general area and we are some of the lucky ones – far enough away from flowing water and less inches of rain than many. But is does seem to be drying out and there is a lot of help for the flood victims. 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    wow to it all….mom

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