This Week In The Garden

We are shoppin’! In the garden of course.

What a pleasure to go out each morning and see what the garden is offering for the day’s meals.

We ate these warm from the garden after giving them a quick rinse. So tender and sweet.

Row cover is the only way to go. Not a bug in sight.

There should be some new potatoes next week to go with these leeks for a soup. Giant Musselburgh

I have learned a lot about growing leeks this past year. Having seen all the stages from seed to finished product I think I have a handle on the life cycle and when and how to plant. Overall the harvest was outstanding for a first major attempt. We grew a handful of Autumn Giants and about 85 Musselburgh – both successfully.

The garlic should have been dug a week earlier but I could not believe it was REALLY ready so early in the season. Lesson learned.

AND… the lettuce, radish and choy are done for the most part. We are eating leeks, onions, kale, snow peas, broccoli, kohlrabi and strawberries. Almost ready, potatoes, carrots and beets. Still to come – the list is too  l o n g.

What is your favorite thing to eat fresh from the garden?


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4 Responses to This Week In The Garden

  1. Tauni Whitley says:

    Wow Wow Sarah!! Way to go!! My favorite fresh from my spring garden (such as it is) Rhubarb!! My plant is now 3 years old and this is my first harvest from it … but hey … I love growing stuff that doesn’t like to grow in the south … argggggg! 🙂

    • S says:

      Oh Tauni… rhubarb…!! How can I forget rhubarb? I LOVE the stuff. I used to have a pretty good stand of it then we have two consecutive 9 inch rains and the bed filled with sand and it all died. I just haven’t replaced it. Gene cannot eat it anyway. Oxalic acid.

      Thanks for looking in 🙂

  2. Mom says:

    Very nice Sarah and Gene. My garden is a weed bed. I will try to take my O2 con concentrator and plug in at the Gazebo. My days are getting rougher, but they said the side effects will gradually go away or lessen…love you Thank you for the nice mothers day card. made my day..

    • S says:

      You are welcome Mom 🙂 Any amount of gardening is good gardening. I already see my gardening days as numbered here too. Sometimes it is so hard! Love you 🙂

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