Phrankenstein Phaucets

Sweet potato starts in the kitchen window.

You may remember last summer and the stunning cardboard patio flooring we had…eh? No? Well, no worries. There has been an upgrade. We now have a few pavers and an herb bed instead. As always a garden and its associated accoutrements are a work in progress. The herb bed will fill in by next year or the one after. Right now it contains thyme, dill, lovage, French tarragon (which I plan to baby along and keep alive through the winter), parsley, chives, Mexican oregano, sage, lemongrass, lavender and a smattering of marigolds, ageratum and some kinda posey thing to fill in while the herbs are thinking about it.

This bed also has a lovely vintage headboard and footboard (still to be placed). In fact this frame belonged to the very bed my parents slept in on their wedding night. I was conceived here, and my brother too. Isn’t that an unexpected story.

the herb bed

We still need to place the footboard, add a couple of (surprise) decorative elements, solar twinkle lights and wait patiently for the herbs to take over. Meanwhile I have been taking snips here and there to grace my cooking. Fencing is a requirement as my two dogs, Rover and Sissy, know not what a boundary is unless it bumps them in the snout. Surprisingly they do not jump over anything taller than their own knees.

Does anyone have a suggestion for what to plant in the two chimney flue pieces? Realize it gets very hot in this area of the yard. Meanwhile I am chucking small rocks in as fill.

We also have rosemary, fennel, cilantro/coriander, a few basil, garlic chives, Greek oregano and three kinds of mint – garden mint, peppermint and mojito mint. I have not been able to find epazote locally but Joey at Crossroads says he may start some next year so there is hope.

My outdoor kitchen finally has a start point! True it is a temporary faucet but one that can be used to rinse off veggies before they come into the house. There will be a side table with four of those ceramic tiles as the top (they came from the Restore and were a song). Gene also found an industrial dish machine drain rack to incorporate into the set up. I can drain rinsed veggies there to drip dry/er before heading in the house. In the meanwhile the patio table fills in just fine. A better faucet and a drain pipe to carry away the water and it will be functional. This is going to save me a lot of mess in the kitchen.

Gene rinsing out his unders… no wait – cleaning my outdoor kitchen sink – once again in his garden uniform of t-shirt and briefs.

Here we have what has become the Frankenstein of Faucets. A temporary condition I am told. Time will tell. I think it will actually get worse by the time he hooks up a few more things to the whole mess. Stay tuned.

The summer garden is all planted with the exception of the second variety of corn and perhaps pole beans. For sure more bush beans soon as a bed is empty. But otherwise it is all planted!

We have many tomatoes – Black Krim, Green Zebra and Celebrity – peppers  – Thai, pablano, lemon drop, jalapeno, red & yellow bells, pepperoncini (thank you Marideth!) and banana. I am sorry to miss the Jimmy Nardelos and Marconi this year. We have ping tung eggplants, Genovese basil, English peas finishing up, potatoes, beets, yellow & red onions, Contender bush beans, Danvers half long carrots and Little Fingers, big white radish, strawberries, zucchini & yellow squash, first year blackberries, kale, tomatillos, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, okra, cucumbers, muskmelon, and a stand of ginger. Have I missed anything?

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It’s near time to pickle beets and can potatoes. I expect a bit of a lull while we then wait for the summer crops to mature. The wait will give us good opportunity to clear the freezer of the last of last years frozen produce.

Adieu for today – I must cook the greens and dress the tomatoes with compost.

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2 Responses to Phrankenstein Phaucets

  1. Mom.. says:

    You might think about planting a flowering thing to add color? flowers are always nice and won’t take up space for a vegetable…

    • S says:

      Hi Mom. I missed this comment! Yes to the flowers. We let the flower bed go to weeds last fall in the hope it would self seed. Well unfortunately the weeds won and only a few flowers made it through. So we started all over – talk about mistakes! We do have some spectacular giant sunflowers again this year and plenty of volunteer marigolds and Gene has seeded a few other things – not sure what was in the flower seed bin. I also purchased a couple six packs of ageratum because I simple LOVE them mixed up with marigolds. And I have allowed a very few zinnias to volunteer. I learned late last year that they attract aphids and that was where the aphid invasion was coming from – zinnias in the garden. No more zinnias in the garden. They are now relegated to nether regions. I miss them. LOve you!

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