31 Staves – a visit to Crystal Bridges & Chihuly

It’s been quite the summer and Gene and I have taken a break to visit Crystal Bridges Museum in NE Arkansas before the Chihuly exhibit closes. The out door part of the exhibit will be open another month or so but yesterday was the finale for the indoor pieces and they will move along to the next stop. Feel free to do a Google search for info about Dale Chihuly, his work and a schedule of exhibitions.

It was a surprise to find the smaller indoor pieces more enjoyable than the outdoor installations. Maybe because there was so much hype and I had seen scads of photos beforehand. Maybe it was the cloudy day lighting and the rain. Regardless it was a spectacular show of beautiful immense glass works. I will not try to explain or describe these pieces but just allow them to be viewed. Remember – all these pieces measure in feet plus.

All photos by Sarah Denton. Please do not share without giving credit.


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2 Responses to 31 Staves – a visit to Crystal Bridges & Chihuly

  1. Georgina says:

    I think the outside pieces are AMAZING! But that’s the first time I’ve seen such things and maybe the first time is the most impressive. Lovely photos, thanks for sharing them!

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