A Quick Garden Update

It’s been the busiest best little garden I have ever had! Last year August was our biggest harvest of 2016 and this August looks like we will double that.

Part of today’s harvest. Additionally there was 7 honeydews, 5 pounds of sweet potatoes from a test hill, a mess of green beans and a bowl of tomatillos.

I have learned some important things this summer garden season and the last one. I love edamame but they are too much work. I really should stop growing okra – we hardly ever eat it. Do NOT buy a case or even five pounds of Hatch green chilis in August when they are fresh out of the field no matter how much I like them! We spent hours learning how to roast just right, then steam just right then peel just right those beautiful fragrant peppers that I love so much. Too. Much. Work. I have a new respect for the price of a can of them.

Gene says hello and he is tired of mowing tall wet grass.

And I am willing to pay it. Additionally. I do not like growing honeydew melons. I cannot get a handle on them. Too small, too fragile, and we either pick them too soon or too late. We have had several really good ones but they are so tiny. Just right for one meal I guess. Shrug.

I am thinking about a French honeydew and darn if the variety name isn’t eluding me right now. Bigger, easier to determine ripeness, etc.



The self seeded marigolds have grown to almost three feet tall with all the rain.

This has become our favorite summer salad. Rotini with plenty of chopped cucumber, red onion, black olives and dressed with a cucumber ranch dressing. Light and delicious.

How is your garden? Are you planting for the fall?








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