So Much Goodness!

The little Moonmooring Garden is still pumping out fresh goodies to eat every single day. But a frost will surely come soon enough and the tomatoes will be done – along with the peppers, tomatillos and the last leaves of basil.

I spent part of this beautiful day and picked all the green tomatoes that are shiny – they will likely ripen if they have made it that far. And how many fried green tomatoes can we eat!? A lot, that’s how many.

simmering in hot peanut oil

We like our green tomatoes anywhere from hard-as-a-rock green to just turning pink. I dust them with flour, dip in a light egg wash and re-dust with flour. Then they are fried in medium heat peanut oil until tender. Today the pan shared space with some zuchinni. Gene grated fresh horseradish and mixed it with Dukes mayo and a splash of vinegar for a dressing. That and a glass of orange juice was all we needed for brunch.

sliced and ready to bread

Tomorrow I will sort the tomatoes culling the ones with any blemish to be eaten first or made into some green tomato mincemeat. The rest will get wrapped individually in newspaper and tucked into a big flat cardboard box. With a little luck most of them will ripen over the next couple months and as you know – any home grown tomato is likely to be better than store bought!

The broccoli is about to head up, the kale is big enough to pick and the Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, onions, lettuce and leeks are looking good. You may think it too late but I still hope to plant some root crops to overwinter in mini greenhouses or under cover (carrots, beets, parsnips).

The first bed of spinach came up real well and then cutworms got it all. Yes there are disappointments sometimes. Gene ordered and applied some beneficial nematodes and I will replant the spinach and some bok choy soon.

Have you put your garden to bed or is it still awake for the fall?


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2 Responses to So Much Goodness!

  1. Helen says:

    Yummy! I love breaded courgette. Not tried tomatoes but I am sure they must be good.

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