A Perfectly Wonderful Christmas

Post holiday greetings from Moonmooring!

It Was a perfectly wonderful Christmas. Gene and I are in the throes of developing our own holiday traditions and we thoroughly enjoyed this relaxed and unstructured Christmas.

A quick road trip to Hattiesburg just days before the holiday got us a few cases of satsuma oranges which as you may know are only ripe for a few weeks of the early winter and the most delicate of them are grown in Alabama – they are not shipped far – southern Mississippi about the furthest. So we got enough to eat (and did we ever), juice and make some satsuma bourbon marmalade. More on the marmalade later. We are thinking to incorporate satsumas into every Christmas.

A Christmas eve with family was a relaxed fajitas kind of evening and personal gift exchange with my sons family. We shared this marvelous pecan coconut goody that is melt in your mouth delicious!

Christmas morning found really tall glasses of freshly squeezed satsuma juice, creamy oats with apple, minced ginger and cinnamon, and sage sausage patties.

I made these ceramic snowpeople, angels and bell nearly 40 years ago. Emory and Coy were fascinated by them.

What Christmas traditions do you keep?

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