Satsuma Marmalade

I’ve made a lot of jelly and jam in my life but never once have I made marmalade until this week. My brother (who does a lot of cooking by the way) made marmalade and sent me a jar for Christmas many years ago. It was fresh and had not thoroughly jelled yet but it finally did set up just right a couple months later. It was delicious!

But I never did see the point. If there were going to be oranges in the kitchen I was just going to eat them!

Dauphin Island Gulf side late afternoon









All that changed a couple weeks ago. We decided to make a spur of the moment trip to a southern destination and buy Louisiana satsumas. You see I made my first trip to Dauphin Island almost twenty years ago and it was right around Christmas time. Well, the satsumas were just ripe and I had my first one then. Been a fan ever since. I’ve made a point to travel to Dauphin Island as often as possible and generally when satsumas are ripe.

But Gene and I missed last winter and this one and I was missing satsumas. We heard the expected crop was expected to be a really good one this year and since we hadn’t decided what to get each other for Christmas… points south it was. To get satsumas. Satsumas are not grown on Dauphin Island but the two seem to go hand in hand.

Long story short… I have been having a dry spell with picture taking and didn’t get any pictures of the actual trip. Only pictures of the actual satsumas. And the actual juicing of said citrus AND the actual MARMALADE that I made. A triple batch. Enough to last me a lifetime.


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We haven’t eaten any of the marmalade yet (well there was a few spoonfuls left after jarring it up but not enough for toast!) or there would be a picture of a slab of toast smothered in satsuma marmalade. Or maybe a bran muffin. Now that sounds good.

Chopsticks and Treasures from Dauphin Island


I am looking forward to next years satsuma harvest, our next trip to Dauphin Island and looking forward to eating and sharing this satsuma marmalade.

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