A Christmas Story – dedicated to my daughter-in-law, with love

I always want to put up a Christmas tree and decorate the house and most years I do. I really enjoy the ambiance it creates. The decor not the act. The act involves too much mess. What really holds me back the most is knowing that it will all have to be put away at some point. And for me that point is sooner than later.

Once Christmas is done I get antsy to “clean up the mess” and put it all away. But the prospect of taking it all apart, dusting it off, wrapping it up and packing it away just seems so daunting. If I could just sweep it out the door or have it all magically disappear while out shopping with all those lovely gift cards. If. If only.

So I got this bright idea.

Someone really should start a service to dismantle people’s Christmas trees and decorations after Christmas and put them all away. Don’t you think that would be great!?

You could just call, or better yet email the Holiday Dismanteling Service and schedule a dismantle time then go shopping. When you return home and pop open the front door, presto! the living room is tidy and no signs of holiday decor. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Easter and … wait. Shake it off. No more holiday decorating for me this year.

So anyway I was like staying with my son and his young family, helping out with moving preparations and you know it’s only days after Christmas and I offered to do a thorough cleaning out of the fridge but my daughter-in-law asked me to take down the tree instead.

I was horrified. And blunt. Likely way too blunt. I stomped my foot and blurted “NO”. Then tonge in cheek I said something really silly like – I would rather blow my brains out than take down the tree (counting my own tree upon arrival back home, that would count to two trees to dismantle. Shudder.).

I hurt her feelings and felt pretty bad about it. My son, in my defense, assured her that I was being melodramatic but not in the least excessive. We had a little laugh. The conversation went downhill  from there though. There was mention of just dragging the tree, decorations and all to the yard and burning it instead. But not before she spoke of the image that sprang into her mind of coming home to a smoldering heap of melted plastic in the middle of the den. This is the daughter-in-law who once sent me a card stating that knowing me was kind of like knowing a butterfly who pooped rainbow sparkles. You get the idea. And some of you know me. And my sense of humor.

We ended the day with my lovely daughter- in-law seriously stating that I was not to undecorated the tree and IF I really wanted to do the refrigerator that would be okay. I promised not to burn the tree down dismantle the Christmas tree and to work on the fridge instead.

So today is finally here and I broke a promise and I hope it is a good thing because not only did I clean out the fridge but also took down the Christmas tree and carefully put it all away. I may have Gene drag our tree to the yard and torch it. Just kidding!!

SO (again) don’t you think it would be a marv idea for someone to develop a service where they took on that task for people? Whadayasay?

We hope you had a merry holiday and a safe New Years Eve!


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5 Responses to A Christmas Story – dedicated to my daughter-in-law, with love

  1. Debbie Jolly says:

    Enjoyed your story ! I have missed you and Gene . Hopefully I will see you in 2018! Happy New Year !

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Helen says:

    Happy New Year! Yes, I loathe taking down decorations as well.

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