Where Did Winter Go?

What do you mean – where did it go? Did it even come? It feels like winter never showed her chilly face this year. Oh sure, it’s just the end of January but take a look at the forecast! We slept with the door wide open a few nights ago. And then today I thought, what the heck I think I’ll check the soil temperature. Yes the beds are raised. Yes they are plenty warm to plant onions and peas.

onion butt onions, it’s a thing

So I made the first “To Do” list of the season. It includes the following; …plant snow peas, plant onions (they just arrived a few days ago), transplant celery and green onions, build a couple new beds, tidy up the old mulch and put down a layer of sawdust on the walkways, stir the compost pile back to life, find some seed potatoes, jalapeno M seeds and organic Celebrity tomatoes. Dig an asparagus bed, expand the berry patch for a few more plants. And why doesn’t Lowe’s have any bulbs or roots yet!? Get some tomato seed started.

It’s endless. Already.

Gene and his helper have been downing some trees to get a little more sun on the garden spot especially for the expanded berry plot. We have decided it is a now or never sort of deal. Plant some perineal fruits now (this year) or forget about it. Just leave the idea be. If I had planted fruit vines and trees 35 years ago, or 20, 10 or even 5 years ago when Gene and I first started this garden we would be harvesting and enjoying berries now – this summer.

We should have a good supply of blackberries this summer, and strawberries and melons too. But we love blueberries, raspberries, rhubarb, and would enjoy kiwi (yes it will produce here), gooseberry, fig and a few grapes. That should be enough to supply the whole county. We won’t plant all of those items…

Gene and I discussed an asparagus bed several years ago and just kept putting it off. Well the heck with that silly idea – we are going to do it this year. Not much just enough to have a little asparagus first thing in the spring. In a couple of years.

celery growing from root stock

So, what’s happening now? Aside from that “To Do” list? There’s celery plants growing, green onions from seed, onion butts (see photo), onion plants, kale, cabbage, broccoli and kohlrabi. The brassicas are just a couple of weeks old so it will be a few more weeks before they can go in the ground.

It is also almost time for a spot of pak choy, radishes, carrots (under a bit of cover) and beets. I may put in a bed of spinach too.

So not only have the seed catalogs arrived but so have the seeds and the ground is warming! There is still plenty of time for winter to make an impressive appearance but I am banking on this being an early spring. Tomorrow I plant peas.

a veggy dinner

We had this colorful and tasty meal last week. A bit of potato/corn hash with plenty of onion, tri-color rice, baked sweet potatoes, and candied jalapeno. It was delicious! Sweet potatoes and rice is da bomb!

What zone are you in? Have you planted anything yet or still checking out the seed catalogs?

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2 Responses to Where Did Winter Go?

  1. Debbie Jolly says:

    I sure do miss you !

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