A Garden Update

It’s May and finally there is warm weather. It has been a cool, dry, windy, cloudy spring. Things were trying to green up but it was taking a lot of effort. Then it rained. It rained over three inches in a couple days and the sunshine came out and it was a balmy 80 degrees (F). It is now officially green and spring and summer is fast on her heels.

My favorite garden plant – peas. They have started blooming just the last couple of days. Last year we were eating all the peas we could stand by now.

The garden is a full month behind what was happening last year because it has just been too cool/cold and dry.

A view of the Kitchen Garden and Hugel Section from above. Onions, potatoes, kohlrabi, several kinds of greens, Brussels sprouts bolting, cilantro and fennel and peas.

A side view of the herb bed. Several varieties of thyme, dill, sage, chives, lovage (yes it will need to be moved when it reaches full size), parsleys, lavender, French tarragon, winter savory, Mexican oregano and ageratum will fill it to overflowing by summer. Lemongrass will be planted in the big black pot.

We had some creatures getting into the garden very early this spring and eating onions of all things and the lettuce and kale. These are scarecrow bunnies. I think the bad guys were either mice, rats or voles. We did catch and release a racoon but everything else took the bait and escaped the live trap. ALSO – important to note – we have not seen our in house black snake this spring. Not once. The vermin are rampant. We may have to import a snake.

Onions; Candy, Red Candy and Copra. You might notice the close double row. Those will be pulled first for green onions leaving enough space for the rest to bulb out.

Our first red strawberry this year. Now that the turtles aren’t eating them all up it looks like we will get a great harvest this year. They are covered!

The last handful of parsnips and carrots until more carrots are ready.

That headboard looks crooked. Don’t tell Gene.

I believe the potatoes have grown over a foot this week.

Still a couple dozen tomatoes and a few peppers to plant. The extras have mostly been adopted out. Mostly started from seed this year, they did great.

The last of the leeks and broccoli (under cover). Tomatoes will go in this bed soon. You know we haven’t seen any cabbage moths since the last cold snap.

Peppers planted today. They were very happy to set their feet in the soil. I planted these with all the bells and whistles I could find reference to – Azomite, bone meal, aspirin, and a pinch of Jobs Organic vegetable fertilizer. Scattered compost around and stuck three wooden matchsticks head first into the ground. Topped them off with a small tomato cage because they will be needed. Don’t mulch much if at all until the soil warms more. I have made that mistake before. A great lesson – tomatoes – cool feet, peppers – warm feet.

The far bed in the Cornfield garden, L to R more peas, collards, beets.

If you look carefully there is a big bumble bee (I think) upper right hand corner. Doing his job.

This Purple Russian was about three inches tall and a bit frail but well grown when we acquired it in February at the seed swap. I have taken six cuttings from it and started new plants which are also hardy. It will likely need to be planted plenty deep or have the top cut out to make a new plant. It is being passed on and I’m keeping the midsize plants to set out. We also have Black Krims, Green Zebras, San Marzanos and Atomic grape to grow this year.

There’s more to come soon! What’s going on in your garden this spring?


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