Missing My Mother’s Comments

Eunice, three years old, Phoenix, AZ

My mother will be eighty soon. She is still pretty spry and spunky for eighty. But she doesn’t get to her computer anymore to check email and read my blog. And the bottom line is – I miss her encouraging comments.

If I was talking about family history or gardening or such she might have some small correction or a helpful hint and would always pat me on the back for a job well done.

I still rely on her if I have a canning question but sometimes now she calls me for a canning question of her own. YES! She is still canning – but just a little bit. Mom grew enough green beans in her small garden this summer  to put up a partial canner load. I was tickled for her and scared to death thinking about all the things that could go wrong.

My sister is throwing a party for her and I am hoping the weather cooperates so we can make the trek out west without snow in the equation.

If you know my mother and would like to send her a card or even attend her birthday party drop me a line and I will get the details to you.

Happy day!






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