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I met George Bruch many years ago on an excursion into the Arizona desert with my parents. He was living in a line shack about an hour deeper into the desert from Nothing, Arizona, painting and creating sculptures from found objects. I will be posting more of my collection later. Please check back.







23 Responses to Brucha Collection, page 1

  1. Troy says:

    Picasso has nothing on Brucha

    • Anonymous says:

      youara transfer from paintings to the computer are really great…I should do the same with my Brucha paintings. Hey when you come out, maybe we can do that????Love you…mom

      • Moonmooring says:

        Hay Mom. I would like to take some more photos. The ones I got, as you can see, aren’t great. Looking forward to seeing you!
        Love ya, S

        • eb - mom says:

          Hi there Sarah…just got your message.. I get behind in my email stuff a lot…Dad is using the inhaler prescribed for him and it is working really great.Sure looking forward to your being here. Your room is all ready…Love ya…mom

  2. Allen Tedrow says:


    I have just been going through the many paintings I’ve collected here and there over the years, most of which I’ve displayed or really had chance to enjoy.. Well, I find that I have a Brucha from 90 I’m guessing. It is a wonderful vaguely abstract oil on canvas of a woman in a rocking chair holding an infant and gazing in to a surreal sunlit sky. I see many similarities to works in your fine collection.
    And I agree with the comment that Picasso has nothing on Brucho. Please drop me a line if you wish.

    • Moonmooring says:

      Thank you for the compliment Allen. Between my whole family there are quite a few Bruchas hanging around!

      Is that the only Brucha you own? Did you acquire it from him when he lived near Nothing? Iโ€™m always interested in hearing the stories of George and the people who have collected his work.


  3. kim c. says:

    i have 2 brucha paintings i bought in az a few years ago i love them!! would love to post on here for everyone to see.

    • S says:

      Kim, It would be lovely to see the Brucha paintings you have. If you would like to send me thumbnails or regular size email copies it would be great. I could then post them along with some information about how you came to own them or anything else you want. Within reason of course! It would be very cool to see them.


  4. kim c. says:

    im not sure how to post the on here i can email the pics to you if you would like and then you could post them ๐Ÿ™‚ my husband purchased these in payson,az for me because i just loved them ๐Ÿ™‚

    • S says:

      Kim, I’m sorry I didn’t reply to this before now. Sometimes comments get past me…

      I would LOVE to post your pictures by Brucha. Can you send me photos as jpg’s to Include any info you would like to go along with them and I will be in touch with youvia email.

      Thanks so much,

  5. Anonymous says:

    i am the one u see . i have some of his first painting. . i knew him when he was liveing in nothing az .i have many of his paintings . would love to see more of his work

    • S says:

      Hello anonymous,

      What does that mean? “i am the one u see”? You can Google George Brucha and see many people who have collections of George’s work. Thank you for looking in here and for the comment.


  6. Kim says:

    Who is this….who made this website posting Georges paintings on line….he wouldn’t have wanted that…..;(

  7. Kim says:

    I think truely to have a self portrait that George handed me as a small child is more true to my heart and worth more money than this world holds!!! I miss George’s calls, and stories, the visits he made to Prescot to stay with us in the early 80’s….<3 when his life was peaceful…before all 'this'

    • S says:

      My goodness. George’s work is posted on dozens maybe hundreds of websites. I’m sure he wanted his work to be seen.

  8. kim c. says:

    i woud love to see more pics can you post which sites they are on?

    • S says:

      Kim, you can type Brucha in the search bar right here on this blog and get a list of all the posts I’ve made with his art OR you can do a Google search and find tons of Georges work. Thank you for looking in!!

  9. Shirley Lacy says:

    I was given a George Brucha painting on canvas of a young couple making love = am interested in selling it……….

    • S says:

      Hi Shirley. Sorry to say but I am not in the position to buy any more Bruchas. I own quite a few and really have no where to hang them. Currently looking for solutions to that. I’m not sure what to tell you about pricing either. you might do some online searches and see what’s is being sold and for how much. I would love to see what you have. If you are inclined perhaps you can send a photo to me at

      have a great day!

  10. Keith Brucha says:

    I am George Bruchas son,one of his six children,if you are truly interested in his work,we the family own all,of his art,including stuff that was wrongfully gained from some,we are more than willing to share his work,feel free to contact me

    • Gallivan Burwell says:

      I knew your father when he had his gallery in Nothing, Arizona. I have two pieces of his, both wonderful. They’ve moved with me a half dozen times since then but always have a place of honor in my home. He was a fine man, and a great talent.

  11. Bet says:

    Would like to buy a piece?

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