Once In A Lifetime?

(Originally posted on 5-27-2009)Like a rat on acid the Luna moth frantically flailed against a plastic window covering before finding it’s way to the screen where it could hang on. Even then it continued to beat itself mercilessly without rest.We had been sitting at the kitchen table getting ready to eat a bowl of ice cream when my dinner companion said “Hey look, isn’t that a Luna moth?”To which I replied, “Hmm maybe. You know I read somewhere that if you see one Luna moth you will probably never see another one the rest of your life and I’ve seen 5 or 6 of them.”“I’ve seen at least two. Hey look! I’ll be damned if there’s not two of them out there!”

We were in a fully lighted kitchen viewing a shadowy figure of what MIGHT be a Luna moth or two, so outside we went with the camera. It was beating itself relentlessly and I had a difficult time catching it in a hat and moved it to the screen where I hoped it would latch on and be still. No luck. I was clicking the camera as fast as it would go hoping to get at least one decent shot.

About then the second one showed itself! Two Luna moths in one evening at the same time. Might they be male and female? Might it be some frantic mating ritual or some migratory event?

The second one was significantly more calm and had a different look about it. I had a gut feeling this one was male. Why?, I don’t know … I’ll do some research later and let you know about that.I got a few good pictures and hope you’re enjoying them as much as I did!

The second of these two Lunas. Notice the different markings.

The second of these two Lunas. Notice the different markings.

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