Poetry & Art

Most of my writing is light and sometimes even fluffy. My life in the Ozarks tends to be that way. My poetry on the other hand is never light or fluffy. So, step up to the poetry bar if you will, have a sip of Southern Comfort with me, and enjoy my poems.

Indian Paper Woman
These Are My Words
Moonshine and Spyders
Icicle Spines

I’ve recently found a goob of doodles I did years ago. There may be more in the making. Anyway, enjoy!

3 Responses to Poetry & Art

  1. Blue Barringer says:

    damn grrrlfriend,

  2. Blue Barringer says:

    grrrlfriend, thank you for the poetry and for the grin on my face.

  3. agamsidroe says:

    I Like your have blogger

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