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Unseasonable Seasons

To be fair we have had a number of hard frosts but none to kill the cold weather crops yet.

The garden has continued to heap upon us a bounty of produce – enough to put fresh veggies on the table daily. Continue reading

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A Hand of What!?

A True Christmas Story Have you ever run across the perfect gift for someone by accident when you were not even shopping for gifts? Apparently that’s what happened to a friend – she was out and about and spied something … Continue reading

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Booth Twenty Five SALE!

Booth Twenty Five antiques, collectibles, vintage -> 25 <-

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Best Christmas Memory

Best Christmas Memory: I was 16 y/o (1973 or 72?) and had purchased my first car, a mud brown 67 Rambler. Talk about a tank! This car had less than 10,000 miles on it and one previous owner. Yes, it … Continue reading

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“On The Road Again” Vacation

Tomorrow morning will see me and my brother Henry, on the road again, heading to Utah for a turkey dinner and visit with our parents and other sibling, Pam. Stay tuned for daily photos and words of travel wisdom! On … Continue reading

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Frozen Water on Christmas Eve; Bah, Hum, Bug!!

I slept in this morning. It’s Christmas Eve and one should if they haven’t a turkey to roast. ¬†It’s not that I don’t have a turkey (as in can’t get one), but I’m not doing any turkey roasting this year. … Continue reading

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Pre-holiday meal #2

The French toast made with¬†cranberry walnut bread was pre-holiday meal #1. Tonight I will move right on to meal number 2 with Spanakopita, a Greek spinach pie. I’ve spoken of this before, even made it for Mom and Dad in … Continue reading

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