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A Fall Garden – Finally!

I have wanted a fall garden for years but by the time August rolls around the thought of clearing beds and planting makes me delirious! All that heat and dry weather – it is difficult to imagine planting fragile baby … Continue reading

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Sprouting Pea Seeds for Planting

Today I planted 80 sprouted snow pea seeds in my fall garden along a short 4X4 wire fence. I’ve never planted peas this time of year before so not sure of the possibility of a good crop. It’s only a … Continue reading

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A Few Days in Calico Rock

I’m having a much needed rest/working week in Calico Rock. There is so much to do all the time. The sweet potatoes I planted last week look great. This week I will clean a small square sheltered raised bed and … Continue reading

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Winter Blahs, a possible snow day and where are my garden catalogs!

This part of ¬†winter always brings about the blahs. The days are getting longer and we have an occasional teaser day like last Sunday, warm, balmy and almost but not quite springlike. But the blahs come anyway. Everything is brown … Continue reading

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The Absolute LAST Tomatoes, this year.

These tomatoes were picked weeks ago and all ripened nicely. I didn’t grow them. They came from someone’s plot in the community garden in West Plains. No I didn’t confiscate them. I came by them honestly via another. I have … Continue reading

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No freeze yet!

Nothing froze in the garden last night! Wishing I had fresh photos but I don’t, not of the garden anyway. The current garden news is; baby lettuce doing great (one harvest), broccoli big and strong, cauliflower doing well, cabbage hanging … Continue reading

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Gardening, better than sex? Maybe.

There’s nothing quit like the feel of warm moist earth under your feet and between your toes on a cool Saturday afternoon. The sunshine was toasty enough for me to break a sweat when out of the light breeze. My … Continue reading

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