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We. Are. Gardening.

Yes we are (gardening) and people may say we are crazy and maybe we are but the long term weather reports look GOOOD. So good that we have put in the potatoes, a row of snow peas and expect to … Continue reading

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A Fall Garden – Finally!

I have wanted a fall garden for years but by the time August rolls around the thought of clearing beds and planting makes me delirious! All that heat and dry weather – it is difficult to imagine planting fragile baby … Continue reading

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It’s That Time of Year

Pea planting time once again. Stealing a post from my Facebook page; “I may be dizzy and I may be tired but by gawd the peas are planted, and a row of red onions too.” Yes this evening I had … Continue reading

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Ozark Garden

The peas are up! And just for fun!

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Pea Planting

Some of you my be sick of me talking about planting peas. Every spring it’s the same ‘ole same ‘ole… how to plant peas, when to plant peas, how to eat them, how to sprout them, peaspeaspeas. It’s that time … Continue reading

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Sprouting Pea Seeds for Planting

Today I planted 80 sprouted snow pea seeds in my fall garden along a short 4X4 wire fence. I’ve never planted peas this time of year before so not sure of the possibility of a good crop. It’s only a … Continue reading

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A Few Days in Calico Rock

I’m having a much needed rest/working week in Calico Rock. There is so much to do all the time. The sweet potatoes I planted last week look great. This week I will clean a small square sheltered raised bed and … Continue reading

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