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How I Became a Snake Handler – and finally a garden update

I carried a snake in my hands today. Yep. First time. And then I screamed and did a little dance! It was startling to have that little thing squiggle out of my hands and the loose damp straw I was … Continue reading

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Rummaging Around the Garden

We had a warm spell over the last few days and I rummaged around the garden this morning to see what was happening. You may remember my noise about total fail of the fall garden. But as you can see … Continue reading

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We. Are. Gardening.

Yes we are (gardening) and people may say we are crazy and maybe we are but the long term weather reports look GOOOD. So good that we have put in the potatoes, a row of snow peas and expect to … Continue reading

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It’s That Time of Year

Pea planting time once again. Stealing a post from my Facebook page; “I may be dizzy and I may be tired but by gawd the peas are planted, and a row of red onions too.” Yes this evening I had … Continue reading

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Green Day

Every spring in the Ozarks we have Green Day. It is usually just one day but I have seen it linger a couple days on rare occasion. With all the intermitant rain and cloudiness I had a hard time capturing … Continue reading

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Little Tails

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Winter Blahs, a possible snow day and where are my garden catalogs!

This part of ¬†winter always brings about the blahs. The days are getting longer and we have an occasional teaser day like last Sunday, warm, balmy and almost but not quite springlike. But the blahs come anyway. Everything is brown … Continue reading

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