Turkey Surprise

img_0511Gene picked up a turkey from Peace Valley Poultry yesterday and we cut it up into manageble pieces, wrapped them well and froze them all minus the boney pieces. It is those bony pieces I want to tell you about…

Click below to read all about it at Moonmooring Grub.

Turkey Surprise

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It Could Have Happened

What I am looking for is this;

notawolfMany years ago I was visiting Sasha and Mau (some of you know them) and there was a storytelling/reading. Mau read from a book – a short story about an Eskimo (I think) man and his telling of a fantastical tale of a wolf befriending him (or something like that). The important and memorable part was the final (?) line… “It could have happened”. Or something to that effect. Ever since then I have used that line when telling a tall tale or an exaggeration or sometimes even the truth as I remember it. Because memory changes and truth is elusive.

I remember the reading vividly but not the exact details of the story and I did not think to note the authors name. I stupidly assumed Mau would always be around to tell me the name of the book if I ever really wanted to know. But no, she is gone.

I do not remember who else was present that evening either.

I had brought a story to share but stuffed the paper into my back pocket at the last minute because a man, a neighboor, joined the group of women just then and the room’s dynamics changed. I felt invaded and put on the defense for some reason. I lied and said my story was forgotten and no I could not wing it. No.

Some of you have seen that sort of thing happen. I know you have.

I do not remember who else was there that evening. Were you? Do you know of the story I speak?

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Protected: Anna and Chris – November 12, 2016

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Supermoon Chant


In honor of the super moon tonight.

... whippoorwills chant their praise to the full moon shadow falling softly across the
lawn in long slashes of dusky blue light fireflies twinkle about in a code so ancient
and secret only Mother can decipher as I slip into the woods sucking in lungs full
of warm moist air filled with night scent and damp earth my feet caressed by soft
blades taking their own flight exhaling into the night as I walk the earth
tonight and forever how long can a moment be held …

There are no whippoorwills nor fireflies on this November night but I was reminded of this poem I wrote from long ago as I walked the woods tonight.

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Fall Garden Update

img_2041The weather has finally turned and it feels like fall or more officially Autumn. Leaves are crunching underfoot and trees are bare or shedding. Purportedly the last of the seventy degree days are now gone.  It is time to diligently watch the forecast for the first freeze.  Contrary to all this it has been balmy and calm with many pleasant hours for the hammock. I hear reports of crocus, lilacs, day lilies and other tender spring things budding out and in bloom. And the jonquils are breaking ground.

The garden is once again struggling to know whether it is warming to summer or cooling to winter. Most of the summer bugs have hunkered down and a few grasshoppers still lurk about, but the aphids and cabbage worms are in full swing. I may break down and use some BT on the cole crops of which there are few left. Out of about one hundred seeds I started there are at best 20 remaining and some of those doing poorly.

Please click  this link for the full garden update posted Tuesday evening. Meanwhile  I spent the morning in the hammock listening to leaves crackling on the susurration and mid morning birds spread the word. The sky is cerulean, the trees rusty oranges and the air crisp but soft from the warming sun. Remember to walk the high road.


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All Things Green

Indeed, Autumn is what we have. Daylight hours tell us it is Autumn but the temperatures have been another matter. We turned the air conditioner back on – for the last three days – for temps in the mid to high eighties. Eighty seven today and a dry hot wind. The worse possible scenario for leafy greens trying to get a hold in the ground. No rain, again, for over a week.

I feel like the garlic went in the ground a little too early and hope this heat doesn’t do something weird to it. I also planted some shallots for the first time and have high hopes for them. It seems I am constantly running across recipes that call for shallots and never have any so there ya go. Shallots.

 mature okra pods are drying to use for decorations.

Mature okra pods drying to use for decoration

This is the second batch of okra drying for a fall decoration. They make great rattles too if you get them big enough and the seeds will dry properly. I also have fantasies of making some Christmas cards using a cut piece of okra as a stamp and making stars on card stock. Sounds kind of childish but what the heck. This is the very last of the okra! Well except for what new growth is coming up from the leftover stalks that I cut out quite a while back. Who knew okra would grow back like that. If the next two expected night time lows in the forties don’t kill it I expect it will crank out a few more pods. Stuff is tenacious.



This couple of Ping Tung eggplants are awesome now that the flea beetles aren’t eating it up. Couple to a few eggplants every day or so is just right! I chop them up and saute to add to pasta salad or scrambled eggs or soups mostly. It is conceivable there will be enough all at once to make a batch of baba ghanouj before they succumb to the cold. If we get any cold.



These three jars contain 2 pounds of jalapenos and organic cider vinegar ground to a slurry in preparation to make a batch of salsa. The recipe is in the Ball Blue Book listed as Jalapeno Salsa. The first batch I made was so delicious and not nearly as hot as you might think. Just right. Remember to use freezer jars when freezing liquids. These are being held in the freezer until I have time to make the salsa. Just another one of my fantasies…cold weather and snowed-in time.

Arkansas Black

Arkansas Black

We accidentally bought too many apples. Don’t ask. It happens. We also accidentally bought too many potatoes but that is another story (they will easily can). Aren’t these Arkansas Blacks just stunning! I took dozens of photos of them. We wrapped each one in newspaper and stored them in the fridge for later eating. The other box of el Cheapo seconds we got at the local apple dealer all became applesauce and mighty fine applesauce I might add.


It’s a peeper!!

I was born in Arkansas and I have lived in the Ozarks for the last thirty plus years and all that time not once have I ever seen a peeper until the other day! I walked right up to that big old okra plant with the limb loppers in hand intending to cut it right down and there sat what appeared to be Prince Charming in all of his finery, err disguise. Or his sister, I know not which. It stopped me dead in my tracks because the green he exuded was magnificent. He shimmered. I also thought of Elphaba. Never have I seen anything quite so beautifully green except in Oz. Here is a closeup.

Elphaba or Prince Charming in disguise - take your pick

Elphaba or Prince Charming in disguise – take your pick

You should be able to see that this was the highlight of my week.

Other things of note; we had a marvelous steaming pot of fish chowder in celebration of (hopefully) anticipating cooler weather. It could work. I washed my truck that had been unwashed for just over three years. It rained the next day after a 29 day dry spell. Don’t judge me. I made a rhubarb pie yesterday after re-discovering the frozen rhubarb. Most of the summer crops are out of the garden. Most of the fall/winter crops are in. Still to plant is pak choy, more carrots, radish etc. We will be eating kale next week. And thank you to Tonia for sending along the seeds! I look forward to planting them next spring.

Have you put your garden to bed or will it stay up all winter to see fresh green things for your table?

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September Garden Wrap Up

I finally got the September garden wrap written. You can find it right here.

If you don’t want to click the link to read the garden update here is a picture of a cow to keep you entertained.


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