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Because it has been a very busy week.


I was quite surprised to see this brand of olive oil in my small town local grocery store, and in large sizes. I may go back and buy one. A small Harps grocery store is our only choice unless you drive thirty miles. You never know what will be on the shelves. Apparently more and more people have been requesting better quality items and I often find organics even.


My favorite ingredient!

Garlic. There is nothing like crushing a fresh, really fresh, just out of the ground recently fresh, clove of garlic. These came from the garden of Mary Badiny. Beautiful.


This is where the garlic went. Into a small batch of pasta sauce. I wasn’t planning on making sauce to can today, it just sorta happened by accident. Several extra tomatoes, a serious hunger for some comfort food and an hour later this was in the steam canner.


This is my Victoria steam canner. Given to me by my mother several years ago it sure has bumped up my comfort level in the canning department. Thanks Mom!


This is Lemon Drop Pepper jam. Yes it is a little early for a flush of peppers enough to make jam. These have been in a holding cell in the freezer since last fall. When I harvested them it was so hot and I was way too tired to make any more jam, so the plan was to make jam in the dead of winter when the house could use the heat. You see how that went. I made jam on the hottest day we have had so far this summer.


Speaking of tomatoes. My five plants have only produced two tomatoes and I fried both of them while green. That was delicious! (I have been buying tomatoes from one of several local organic producers.) If you are on Facebook you will know that I posted a pic of another tomato hornworm almost this big just last week and have killed several others. I never see more than one or two every few days. They aren’t doing much damage but are they ever BIG. Anybody got a recipe for pickling these? Just kidding.


You might have also noticed this gross picture on my FB page. It looks like weird coleslaw but it’s not! It is edamame dip. One of my favorite summer lunches. Seems to be some recipe writing needed in this post but it’s not happening tonight. I will catch up in the upcoming days. Promise. Really.


I love zinnias. They are doing so well this year as Gene brought in two truck loads of goat manure and everything is growing like crazy! This was originally posted on, guess where go on try to guess, my FB page for my junk store, Booth Twenty Five. Dozens and dozens of tins have accumulated around here and it is time they headed out. So off to the booth they all go tomorrow. Isn’t that a cute vase for flowers. There is a tall narrow glass jar inside the tin so it doesn’t rust.


This is where almost all of my canning recipes come from. The exception is the Curried Bread and Butter pickles that I have copied from Marideth Sisco. Those pickles are da’ bomb! Don’t can without a copy of the Ball Blue Book.


Been collecting olive oil tins for a bit. There are more! Cut the top out with a can opener. Wash it with hot soapy water, then fill it with whatever kind of kitchen utensils for a cute wedding shower gift. Top it with a big bow.


Last but not least and with my last ounce of strength I dumped the watermelon into the kitchen sink, rinsed ‘er off and chopped away. Nothing says summer like a big yellow Tupperware bowl full of watermelon unless it is me hanging my head over the sink, watermelon juice dripping from my chin and wrists, slurping away at a few big slices.

Life is good. I hope your summer is as prosperous as mine has been. What are you canning this summer?

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A Lovely Specimen

There was some damage on the tomato plants but it is manageable so far. Day before I pulled a couple small hornworms off and disposed of them. But yesterday morning there this guy was! Huge, probably the biggest fattest hornworm I have ever seen. WARNING: Graphic content to follow. After photographing the specimen and having no chickens there was no choice but to squish him, or her. Not sure how to sex a hornworm. IMG_8810 A long time ago I stepped on a big one and it’s guts hit my ankle. I was squicked out big time. So I use a lot of caution now. And I did have to step on this one. Ugh. I really hate doing that. But I also need and want tomatoes to grow in my garden. Now to conquer the squash bugs. I don’t know how anyone is able to grow and harvest summer squash. Happy gardening! -S

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another Breakfast Of Champions

We are making some dietary changes at Moonmooring. I have been learning about healthy fats versus unhealthy fats. Some of this new – to me anyway – info contradicts what many of us have learned in the past about fats, carbs and what really happens when you eat these things. Long story short we are eating more animal fats and coconut oils, and will be cooking with less olive oil, saving it for salad dressings and such. And eliminating all vegetable oils from our diet. That said…

Fried potatoes and squash, scrambled with radish greens and chives, sliced tomato and sprouted grain toast

Fried potatoes and squash, scrambled with radish greens and chives, sliced tomato and sprouted grain toast

I fried two small potatoes and a baby yellow squash in homemade lard – thank you Janet and Stacy, and added a small onion sliced thick, sprinkled liberally with black pepper and some salt. So good!

There were a few unidentified long white radishes in the garden with beautiful greens on top. Apparently they are edible, who knew! I slivered the radish tops and gave them a quick saute in some hot coconut oil, then added four beaten eggs and a handful of chopped fresh chives. You could top this with a little shredded cheese if you want dairy in the meal.

The toast was buttered with coconut oil which makes a really fine spread. I am finding out it can be used a lot of ways instead of unhealthy vegetable oils in cooking and baking. Try it in brownies. It smells marvelous.

Finally big thick slabs of juicy tomatos sprinkled lightly with salt added a bright splash to the plate and a delicious hearty breakfast fit for a king was served up.

This meal kept us comfortably full almost all day long. Major score.

The two books I am reading are Deep Nutrition by Catherine Shananhan, MD and Fat An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient... by Jennifer McLagan. Both well worth the read.


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Breakfast Of Champions

We are house sitting.

We tend to splurge a bit when doing so.

We took  a down day and are hanging out in our pjs instead of seeing the sights.

We had brunch and long lingering coffee.

IMG_8575Georgia peaches, mango, and a slab of homemade brownie.

If only there had been a dollop of creamy yogurt.


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UPDATE: It is not retired. Such is the life of a Pisces.

Moonmooring will be retiring. All things come to an end and it is time for this change. I have been craving to blog and photograph and write again but it has felt old, stale and boring. This has been going on for a long time. Months, maybe a year or more. With all the changes in the last couple years and more to come it only seems natural to retire the Moonmooring blog gracefully and officially bow out. I suppose it is possible that there will be more Moonmooring posts but my interests are moving to new places and I need some new focus. I believe that focus has been found. Stay tuned for the announcement.

These mushrooms and more have hung on a pine tree outside my kitchen window for well over a week before this hard freeze. They are beautiful and would have benefitted from some sunshine but none was seen while the photographer in me was awake.

These mushrooms and more have hung on this pine tree outside my kitchen window for well over a week before this last hard freeze. They are beautiful and the photo would have benefitted from some sunshine but none was to be had while the photographer in me was awake.

signature, Sarah

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Merry Christmas !

Christmas card 2014

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Booth Twenty Five SALE!

Booth Twenty Five

antiques, collectibles, vintage

Coppercraft napkin rings $10 for for. Original box - three boxes available.

Coppercraft napkin rings $10 for four. Original box – three boxes available.

Aid Downtown Antiques flyerJPG

More FUN stuff.

More FUN stuff.

-> 25 <-

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